Hollywood Docket: 'Thin Red Line' decision; Mark Cuban vs. SEC; file-sharer must pay

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Hollywood Docket: 'Thin Red Line' decision; Mark Cuban vs. SEC; file-sharer must pay

Mon Dec 07, 2009 @ 11:39AM PST

Entertainment law news this morning:

  • A judge has ordered a company that claimed rights to Terrence Mallick's "The Thin Red Line" to hand over attorney's fees and legal costs to Phoenix Pictures. Gerard Rubin and his company, Briarpatch, spent eight years in court pursuing claims he owned the film after Phoenix purportedly violated an agreement over the Oscar-nominated film's profits. Rubin previously won $1.5 million in unpaid profits in a previous case but U.S. District Court Judge Robert Sweet said claims over rights to the film had "no factual or legal basis," and awarded legal fees as a deterrence to others. Here's the decision.
  • A federal judge is allowing media mogul Mark Cuban to conduct discovery over his demand for legal costs from the SEC. Earlier this year, a judge dismissed an SEC lawsuit against Cuban on insider trading charges with prejudice.
  • A Massachusetts court has entered into judgment a $657,000 award against file-sharer Joel Tenenbaum. The judge also enjoined the Boston University grad student from further infringing copyrights on songs owned by major record labels. 
  • Lawyers for the Queen of England have issued a strong warning to newspapers not to publish paparazzi photos of the Royal Family. Some observers believe the Queen will pursue charges of privacy and harassment against those publications who ignore the warning.
  • Earlier, we mentioned that famed boxing announcer Michael Buffer had filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against a radio station that used his catch-phrase, "Let's get ready to rumble!" Here's the detailed complaint. Buffer says he has registered copyright on the snippet of sound recording including in "The Jock Jam" CD and alleges that broadcasters who publicly perform such material violate his rights.

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