Hollywood Docket: Conan/NBC lawyers; Nic Cage tax settlement?; Takedown letter Hall of Shame

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Hollywood Docket: Conan/NBC lawyers; Nic Cage tax settlement?; Takedown letter Hall of Shame

Wed Jan 20, 2010 @ 10:24AM PST

Entertainment law news while packing our bags for Sundance this morning:

  • AmLaw Daily runs down the lawyers involved in the NBC-Conan negotiations, including litigator Patty Glaser and dealmaker Leigh Brecheen representing O'Brien and litigator Scott Edelman and in-house counsel Andrea Hartman negotiating for NBC. The parties are now wrangling over compensation for "Tonight Show" staffers.
  • Actor Nicolas Cage may be close to settling his tax difficulties, telling People magazine that he is under new business management and that about $14 million in owed taxes will soon be paid to the IRS to make him current. 
  • The Justice Department is weighing in on the Joel Tenenbaum case, defending the $675,000 statutory damages award levied against the admitted copyright infringer as constitutional because he caused "great public harm."
  • Labor guilds SAG and AFTRA have reconciled differences, clearing the way for joint negotiations with studios in October. In order to avoid labor strife that might cripple Hollywood, negotiations are starting early in advance of a collective bargaining deal that expires in June 2011.
  • California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger announced yesterday that the state will continue to provide $710 million in incentives for movie and TV production. 
  • The Outdoor Channel has filed a trademark infringement lawsuit in Oklahoma district court against In Country Television. 
  • China is learning a thing or two about intellectual property enforcement. A Beijing-based video website says it will sue its competitors for copyright infringement for violating broadcast rights on the film "Set Off."
  • Nodding to Barbara Streisand, the EFF has inducted new members into its Takedown Hall of Shame, including Perez Hilton and once again, Universal Music Group. We won't wait for the acceptance speech.

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