Hollywood Docket: iPad trademark fight ; UMG vs. Grooveshark details; China's friend of copyrights

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Hollywood Docket: iPad trademark fight ; UMG vs. Grooveshark details; China's friend of copyrights

Fri Jan 29, 2010 @ 10:44AM PST

Entertainment law news this morning:

  • Comcast has submitted a 145-page application to the FCC for a requested transfer for licensees of NBC Universal's 26 television stations and makes the case that the merger won't be anti-competitive. Comcast also made a commitment to invest in the NBC broadcast business, vowing to make it more viable and innovative. Like Jay Leno at 10 p.m.? [THR]
  • The trademark fight over the "iPad" mark has been going on for years, even before Apple announced its long-awaited device. Fujitsu has been selling its own iPad since 2002 and registered for the mark in 2003. A company called Magtek also claims registration over IPAD. [NYT]
  • U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy is introducing a new bill to reform the USPTO that will require the Department of Commerce to study whether large corporations are misusing trademark laws to harass small businesses by exaggerating the scope of their trademark protection. [Las Vegas Trademark Attorney] 
  • Prospects for a reporters' shield law may have been bolstered with the election of new Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown, who previously tried to introduce a reporters' shield law in his state. [Media Law]
  • The details of Universal Music Group's lawsuit against Grooveshark earlier this month are coming to light and reveal that the company is targeting pre-1972 content, before recordings were protected by federal Copyright Act. [Digital Music News]
  • A popular Chinese video Web site announced it has deleted all non-copyrighted European and American video content uploaded by users and is embarking on a copyright cooperation program with nearly 100 producers and copyright parties. [IP Today]
  • The Smoking Gun has posted court documents perhaps showing John Edwards' ex-mistress is trying to stop a sex tape featuring the former presidential candidate. [TSG]
  • Remember the last episode of "Seinfeld" where the gang was put on trial for not being good Samaritans? What seemed ridiculous at the time has now become reality in California. [AP]

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