Hollywood Docket Top 5: 'Innocent infringer' punished; tweet music clearance?; Oscar lawyers

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Hollywood Docket Top 5: 'Innocent infringer' punished; tweet music clearance?; Oscar lawyers

Fri Feb 26, 2010 @ 10:59AM PST
Entertainment law news you need to care about this morning:
  • Congressional hearings over the proposed Comcast-NBCU merger continued yesterday in a marathon hearing. Members grilled executives on issues including diversity on television, access to online content, and competition. [THR
  • The 5th Circuit has rejected an argument by a file-sharer who claimed to be an "innocent infringer" due to being "young and naive." The defendant thought that statutory damages somewhere between $200-$750-per-song was unconstitutional, but the original $750-per-song verdict was upheld. [LTBC]
  • A federal judge in Louisiana has dismissed a libel lawsuit against the New York Times and ProPublica concerning a shocking story about medical professionals injecting severely ill patients with lethal doses of drugs in the chaos following Hurricane Katrina. The judge concluded that the defendant had not shown anything in the article to be false. [ProPublica]
  • Can Twitter cut out all the lawyers involved in negotiating the clearance of a music sample? Recently, singer Erykah Badu got a Paul McCartney tune cleared by using the power of the tweet to connect with Sir Paul. [Mashable]
  • This slideshow of "Oscar lawyers" is so hilariously random and incomplete, we couldn't resist linking.  [Business Insider]
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