Actor detained at Oscars isn't done ripping Academy

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Actor detained at Oscars isn't done ripping Academy

Wed Apr 28, 2010 @ 10:54AM PST

Avila By Matthew Belloni

We reported on Friday that actor Michael Avmen had filed an interesting $50 million false imprisonment lawsuit against the motion picture academy for being detained for hours outside the Oscars in March. The Academy responded in part by questioning Avmen's statements about his acting credits.

Them's fighting words! So Avmen and publicist Kayo Anderson (the same publicist who allegedly sent Avmen to the Oscars without a ticket in hand) are now slapping back on the credit issue, giving us this counterstatement:

  • "On April 26th 2010 the Academy of Motion Pictures released a statement regarding current lawsuit (sic) with actor Michael Avmen to the Hollywood Reporter. The Academy has stated that Avmen has given interviews claiming to be starring opposite Kate Bosworth in 'Straw Dogs.' Also the Academy made various false statements in an attempt to hinder his character. In no way has Avmen ever given an interview making these statements, Avmen has only commented on his credited role in the film. For anything else to be reported is a complete fabrication including the reasoning the academy has given for his unlawful detention. Avmen is currently cooperating with all involved parties."

Here's the Academy's full statement:

  • "The Academy can confirm that Edgar Michael Avila, also known as Michael Avmen, was among those detained by the Academy for attempting to enter the 82nd Academy Awards without a ticket. We note that Mr. Avila has to date sent his complaint to a trade paper rather than to the Academy, and that he discussed his suit earlier in an interview in which he described himself as “set to star” in two upcoming features, neither of which lists him in that capacity."

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