Hollywood Docket: New Polanski uproar; Tivo vs. Dish; Oprah settles

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Hollywood Docket: New Polanski uproar; Tivo vs. Dish; Oprah settles

Mon May 17, 2010 @ 09:57AM PST
  • Those new allegations against Roman Polanski by a British actress who says she was sexually abused in 1982 when she was 16 are weighing on minds at the Festival de Cannes. A petition in support of Polanski has been circulating, but many seem to be a little more cautious in light of the new charges. [THR
  • In another case that has seemingly been around since the 80's, a U.S. appeals court has set aside TiVo's patent win against Dish and EchoStar over DVR technology. A panel of judges will soon reexamine the battle. In the meantime, TiVo's stock has taken a sharp dip. [Reuters] 
  • Oprah and Dr. Oz have settled lawsuits with three of the 50 companies they sued last year for using their names and images to promote acai berry drinks. [FindLaw] 
  • Our friends at Variety have successfully dismissed that lawsuit filed by the "Iron Cross" filmmaker who claimed the trade breached a duty by running a negative review after he bought ads. An LA judge tossed the case on an anti-SLAPP motion based on Variety exercising its First Amendment rights. [Var]
  • CNN has filed a motion for summary judgment in the case involving a woman who committed suicide after being interviewed by Nancy Grace about the disappearance of her 2-year-old son. CNN says that the woman got "talking points" so she knew what was coming. [On Point
  • Kiss frontman Gene Simmons is suing an ESPN makeup artist for claiming he sexually assault her. He says her allegations of "humping and grinding" were impossible due to his armor-like costume worn for his TV appearance that included a "cod piece" over the groin area. [CN 

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