Hollywood Docket: Reality TV child labor; Playboy vs. rapper; rapper vs. Kanye West

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Hollywood Docket: Reality TV child labor; Playboy vs. rapper; rapper vs. Kanye West

Mon Jun 28, 2010 @ 10:53AM PST

  • An LA Times investigation has revealed—you might want to sit down for this one—that reality shows don't do enough to safegaurd the children who are filmed. It's all in the story: Lax permitting, inconsistent application of child labor laws and confusion over what is actually required of productions that fall between unregulated documentaries and the highly-policed scripted productions. [LAT]
  • Playboy Enterprises has sued the rapper known as Drake, alleging that his hit "Best I Ever Had" incorporates the company's copyright in another song, "Fallin' in Love." Apparently, Hef's company once had a music division and acquired rights to various sound recordings, including this 1975 soul classic. Here's the complaint, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court by Neville Johnson. A comparison of the two songs is after the jump.  
  • Another successful hip hop artist, Kanye West, is also being sued for copyright infringement. An unsigned Virginia rapper claims that the 2007 megahit "Stronger" incorporated his lyrics. The plaintiff says he gave a copy of his version of the song to West's manager. [Sohh
  • The widow of David Carradine has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against French-based MK2 Prods, claiming the 72-year-old actor died in a Bangkok hotel room because the company didn't meet the "industry standard" for providing amenities to movie stars. [On Point
  • Spare change for litigation? ASCAP has begun a fund-raising campaign so it can wage court battles against groups such as the EFF, Public Knowledge and Creative Commons on the copyright front. [Wired]  
  • When producers of the Nickelodeon series, "Avatar: The Last Airbender" decided to make a film based on the television show, there was one big problem: A certain James Cameron movie was already in development. Rather than fighting over trademark, the producers decided just to ditch the A-word in the movie title. Nice move.  [THR

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