The three most outrageous claims in the David Boreanaz sex harassment lawsuit

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The three most outrageous claims in the David Boreanaz sex harassment lawsuit

Fri Jul 23, 2010 @ 03:32AM PST

By Matthew Belloni

Boreanaz This woman suing "Bones" star David Boreanaz certainly has a way with words. Or at least her lawyer, the suspiciously ubiquitous Gloria Allred, has put together one of the more ridiculously lurid complaints of the year. 

Kristina Hagen says she met Boreanaz when she was an extra on his show last year. The star allegedly befriended the aspiring actress and promised he could help her get more work but instead allegedly sent her dirty texts, repeatedly groped her and subjected her to some kinky sex moves. Boreanaz says the allegations are "totally fabricated and absurd." If so, Hagen and Allred have a particularly vivid imagination. 

The most outrageous passages from the lawsuit:

  • "After she left the 'Bones' set in the mid to late afternoon, Ms. Hagan went to the Grove, an outdoor shopping mall in Los Angeles with a friend for dinner. During the meal Ms. Hagan received text messages from Mr. Boreanaz, including one with an attachment of a picture of his penis...Ms. Hagan was offended by the text messages but nevertheless wanted to maintain a relationship with him because it was very important to secure employment because she was a struggling actress."

She says she later agreed to meet Boreanaz and ended up in his car....

  • "As they were driving, Mr. Boreanaz told Ms. Hagan he was trying to find the right role for her -- one that would be a perfect fit for her. He repeatedly told her that he was "the boss" and that he could make things happen for her from a career standpoint. Once they arrived at their destination, Mr. Boreanaz parked his car in the parking lot and turned off the motor. He then attempted to kiss her. He then attempted to touch Ms. Hagan's breasts and she pushed him away, but he persisted. Mr. Boreanaz unzipped his pants, pulled out his penis and began stroking it until he ejaculated."

Yikes! The alleged action then moves to Boreanaz's trailer, where Hagan says she found herself after auditioning for "House," another Fox show.... 

  • "As soon as she got inside the trailer, Mr. Boreanaz began grabbing and kissing her. He pushed her down and began fondling her... Mr. Boreanaz was paged to return to the set while he was on top of Ms. Hagan. He said "damn" and pulled out his penis and masturbated in front of her. He then said to Ms. Hagan that he needed to leave and that she needed to wait another 10 minutes until she left his trailer. Ms. Hagan was humiliated, degraded and disgusted by his behavior." 

OK, we'll stop. Is this a lawsuit or a steamy romance novel? 

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