Hollywood Docket: How Boy Scouts earn their anti-piracy merit patches

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Hollywood Docket: How Boy Scouts earn their anti-piracy merit patches

Tue Aug 24, 2010 @ 09:35AM PST
  • Why is the top job at the MPAA still vacant? THR's Elizabeth Guider has some theories. [THR]
  • Speaking of the MPAA, the Hollywood trade org is working with the Boy Scouts of Los Angeles to teach kids how to respect copyrights. Area youth can earn a merit patch after taking an educational class on the evils of downloading films. Scouts will also visit movie studios to see potential victims of piracy and will create public service announcements. After doing so, they'll earn this...
  • The RIAA is ready to overhaul the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Speaking at a tech conference in Aspen, RIAA president Cary Sherman said the DMCA "isn't working for content people at all," and complained about cyberlockers like Rapidshare. [Mashable]
  • An LA man has pleaded guilty to conspiring with his girlfriend, then an assistant to a Walt Disney Co. executive, of trying to sell company secrets. [THR]
  •  A trial date for the AP's case against artist Shepard Fairey for allegedly violating a copyright to create the Barack Obama "HOPE" image has been set for next March. [NYT]
  • Apple may have a plan to counter the recent decision by the U.S. Copyright Office to allow "jailbreaking" of devices like iPhones to achieve interoperability. Apple has filed for a new patent that would let the company remotely detect and disable such jailbroken devices. Kind of like a game of rock-paper-scissors where patent beats copyright, right? [FastCompany]
  • Minneapolis will pay seven zombies and their attorney $165,000 to settle a lawsuit over an arrest in July, 2006. The aggrieved individuals dressed up like the undead to protest "mindless" consumerism. [Star Tribune]
  • Hulk no like trademark infringement! Hulk better smash trademark infringement before Hulk become generic. [Boston Globe]

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