Hollywood Docket: 'Hurt Locker' subpoenas; 'Hobbit' labor skirmish; Demi Moore settles

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Hollywood Docket: 'Hurt Locker' subpoenas; 'Hobbit' labor skirmish; Demi Moore settles

Mon Sep 27, 2010 @ 08:58AM PST

  • The Obama administration will submit a bill to Congress next year that would require websites enabling communications such as social networking to be able to respond to wiretapping court orders. [NYT]
  • Some news from the "Hurt Locker" P2P subpoena cases: A federal judge in South Dakota has granted a motion filed by a regional ISP to quash subpoenas targeting the identification of anonymous pirates. The judge cited jurisdictional and procedural shortcomings. [Ars Technica] Meanwhile, a federal judge in DC has rejected a motion to quash by a group of 40 defendants. [Washington Post]
  • Ire in the Shire: Director Peter Jackson has lashed out at the labor guilds urging members not to work on his big-budget adaptation of "The Hobbit," saying that his film is being used as a political football by an Australian union trying to make unreasonable demands on behalf of New Zealand actors. Jackson is having none of it, threatening to move the "Hobbit" shoot--and its millions of dollars for the Kiwi economy--to Europe. [THR]
  • Also in Australia: Demi Moore has reached a settlement with Aussie magazine New Idea over the publication of photographs of a private party. News of the confidential settlement came on the eve of expected testimony from Moore that the photos were worth more than $200,000. [The Age]
  • Did Lindsay Lohan get special treatment by the legal system? Depends on who you ask. [LAT]
  • A retired lawyer claims his agent extorted him out of thousands of dollars on a book investigating the death of Princess Diana. The agent allegedly charged him a 20 percent commission and promised him that film rights would earn him no less than $250,000 plus royalties. The commission percentage was high, but the lawyer/author is most upset about the $4,000 he turned over to create a DVD trailer in order to arouse Hollywood's interest. [CNS]

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