Hollywood Docket: AFTRA vs Teamsters; Colbert to testify?; 'Seinfeld' defense

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Hollywood Docket: AFTRA vs Teamsters; Colbert to testify?; 'Seinfeld' defense

Thu Sep 23, 2010 @ 08:44AM PST
  • AFTRA negotiations with Teamsters Local 399, the unit representing 11 AFTRA-employed business reps, aren't going so well. Talks have been put on hold, and the Teamsters bargaining unit has voted unanimously to approve a strike. SAG had a similar problem a few weeks back but settled the dispute. [THR]
  • Lifetime's planned telepic based on the life of Amanda Knox, the 23-year-old American convicted of murder in Italy, is being fought by the woman's lawyers. They're trying to halt production before a final verdict in the case has been reached. We recommend they research what happened in the "Alpha Dog" case a couple years ago. [Var]
  • Stephen Colbert testifying before Congress on immigration law tomorrow? The United Farm Workers of America says so. Can you testify under oath if your entire persona is fake? [Mediaite]
  • British singer Lily Allen has filed a lawsuit against Apple in order to determine how her laptop was compromised by a hacker. [The Next Web]
  • Free Speech Alert! A Pennsylvania homeowner has filed a lawsuit against his township for making him remove a protest sign on his lawn that read, "$10,000 TO TAKE A CRAP." The man was protesting the town's mandated sewer tie-in, and the town objected to the sign, citing a zoning ordinance against indecent and obscene advertising. So in order to prove that "crap" isn't a dirty word, the man is pointing to an episode of "Seinfeld" from 1993, in which the word crap was used four times in 15 seconds. [Philly.com]

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